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About The Jaded Barbie

The Jaded Barbie

Jae'da, the Jaded Barbie

The Jaded Barbie is the combination of two nicknames given to the author: Jade (based on her outlook on life at the time she acquired her name) and Barbie (based on the fact that she is very tall, thin, sometimes flighty/ditzy, and vain).

The comic itself tends towards the autobiographical side, with the author as the main character, but given her strong interest in politics and her activism, it will also have political and editorial pages from time to time. Additionally, she will often be quite liberal with her license and will present obviously fictitious story arcs, as evident beginning with episode 8, Change into a Sailor Scout (hint: this will lead to a Sailor Moon spoof).

The Jaded Barbie does not currently have a firm update schedule, but will update at least once a week. Those interested in the comic will be encouraged to subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified on the comic's updates, which will save them "precious" browsing time.