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About the Federation Crystal Universe
Note: Many of these profiles will be re-examined and re-written for balance and continuity issues

Federation Crystal Universe

A collection of adventures of characters primarily of the Ataria galaxy...
Sci-Fi Fantasy

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Federation Crystal is a [primary sequential] collection of adventures of a number of characters in the galaxy of Ataria. While Federation Crystal is the title of the universe, it is primarily the name of one of the major organizations, which comes to prominence shortly after the 'Sunrise Rebellion' segment and runs throughout the 'Dimension' segment. Three key segments have been planned for elaboration but the goal of the project is to be defined in such a manner that smaller, parallel stories can easily be created with ease, much like other large universes like Star Trek, Star Wars, or RoboTech.

Each segment is written in an episodic form.

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This is the first segment that has been plotted out. Most of the character backgrounds constructed are there to solidify the basis to properly construct the adventures of Dimension, which is primarily about the Federation Starship Crystal Genesis and its commanding officer, Michele McFadden. This is a relatively turbulent time for Federation Crystal, having come under attack by Organoid and Cyberoid forces due to past transgressions. Interspecies relations are tense and issues with the Fallen are shaky, as always.

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This story is touched on a lot due to the fact that character bios generally include past events, which sets the groundwork for all of the Sunrise Rebellion, which is the Revolutionary War story of the Taiyese people fighting for their freedom from the Cryssian occupation they have suffered for over one-hundred years. In a revolt lead by emerging figures such as Michele McFadden and Adela Sa'an the Taiyese fight for their freedom, while trouble at home sparks not only a civil war, but also war between the Cryssian Empire and the Maejes.

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Not too unfamiliar is the story of exploration. Cryssians, emboldened by their long-term progress and many restless for adventure, organize an exploration fleet that embarks on a journey to Ataria's nearest galaxy neighbor. This is the story of a group of pioneers who brave the unknown in search of knowledge and adventure outside of defined territory and encounter many new species, some friendly, some not.

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