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About the Author and Tenshi Animetion

About the Author

Jaeda Berry has been drawing since she was little and her first characters used Mega Man as a template. She grew up with a strong influences from various Japanese Anime styles until she settled on one that she feels combines the strengths of Japanese animation with those of American animation.

She works as a professional software developer and produces her game and artwork in her free time. She has a Masters' Degree in Computer Science.

Jade also finds it a little awkward to write about herself in the third person.

About Tenshi Animétion

Jade began this site some ten years or so ago, with large lapses up until recently. It consists of four major sections, the Home section, Comic section, Federation Crystal, and Sakura Densetsu. The site itself is written by "hand" in PHP 5.3, CSS 3, X/HTML5, JavaScript augmented with MooTools, and MySQL. Other technologies involved include XML and XSL. It is best viewed in Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome 10+, Firefox 4+, or Opera 10+.

The Home section contains her Image gallery, News, and other assorted items.

The Comic section currently contains her main comic, The Jaded Barbie. Currently it does appear that the section is unnecessary, but eventually there will be a number of other comics made available, since she is better at story-telling through artwork, getting too unnecessarily wordy and repetitive otherwise.

The Federation Crystal section is a custom-made Databank containing world reference information for her main project. It differs from a Wiki in that the source files are predominantly XML data that is transformed using XSL.

Sakura Densetsu contains information about her game turned Thesis project, Sakura Densetsu, a game that began in QBasic 4.5 and was migrated to C++/OpenGL, and then to C++/OpenGL/SFML.

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