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About Sakura Densetsu, an action RPG
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Sakura Densetsu, which, loosely translated means "Legend of the Cherry Blossom," which was previously named "Unmei Densetsu," which loosely meant "Legend of Destiny" in a bout of circular parody, is an " Action RPG" set on the island of Acadonia, Tai'ruun, from the Federation Crystal Universe. While it will contain some elements of canon, the game's plot will deviate substatially from it.

Written in C++ using OpenGL and now also Simple Fast Multimedia Layer (SFML), the game is intended to be playable across all major operating systems, Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OSX, and several flavors of Linux. The user interface is designed for use with a game-pad but it will work just fine with a keyboard. The game's screen resolution is 800x600x32bpp.


The game stars the red-headed angel Sakura Enjeru who has been captured by interstellar Shadow Traders while on her return home from training with Maio Dao Mistress Zi Juan Lei. While held underground out of the sun her abilities have weakened significantly, but that is nothing a trip to the surface during the day can't cure! An angel that is kept out of the sun for too long begins to suffer from the loss of this critical energy source. But how do you get free?


An Action RPG, everything in the game takes place in Real Time. There are no turns, no alternative battle maps. It is similar to Secret of Mana and Legend of Mana. The player controls a single character and can switch between any of their playable allies to control them. Allies not under direct control of the player will act based on their AI. These allies should tweak themselves over time based on the skills the player provides them with. Each character can learn from the vast array of skills provided and customize individual skills to suit whatever role the player determines. There is no established tank, healer, DPS paradigm and theoretically any character can act as any or all of these roles based on their currently equipped skill set.

The game features a 3-tiered resource system somewhat similar to that from the old Star Wars Galaxies game.